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Wireless Solutions

Today, IP Business Communication requires the flexibility of wireless mobility, and the assurance of a secure, protected network. Clixxo's wireless solutions are allowing businesses to streamline and improve operational efficiencies, speed network deployment, expand customer service offerings, and increase flexibility for employees.

Clixxo presents an attractive option and complimentary technology for Clixxo's Wireless Solutions lets the customer provide reliable, indoor/outdoor, always-on, broadband services using Smart Wi-Fi technology over a defined area with various authentication and secure methods.

From the smallest retailer to the largest Fortune 500 business, companies are implementing Wi-Fi into daily operations to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile world.

Clixxo's Wi-Fi Wireless Solutions are providing a new means to rapidly turn-up businesses in difficult to reach locations or areas where wire line service may be cost-prohibitive or unavailable.